29 December 2007

A collection of wonderful tracks. Some new - some old - all gold!

Risque - Starlight (alt link)

Dutch girl group Risque originally released Starlight back in 1982 - it is early 80s disco pop perfection with its swirling analog synths and other associated ethereal sounds plus such classic lyrics as "You, you're my Space Invader"

Stereo Total - Mehr Licht
(alt link)

More Light has perhaps taken over Do The Bambi or Joe Le Taxi as my favourite Stereo Total song. Raw.

Tussle - Meh Teh (alt link)

My disappointment at not getting chance to see San Franciscan experimentalists Tussle live this year was confounded when I heard Meh Teh. Telescope Mind and Kling Klang on Troubleman Unlimited and Smalltown Supersound are both well worth checking out if you're a fan of say both disco and Battles.

Clark - Dirty Pixie (alt link)

Clark's latest EP Throttle Promoter delivers ferocious beats. Top stuff.

The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
(alt link)

My favourite song by The Knife.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

55% danceable - 100% amazing. You'll see what I mean.

20 December 2007

Despite being tipped by everyone to do everything in the next year, i've always remained undecided on the productions of Crookers. That was until I heard this! Taken from Brodinski's way-good Bad Runner EP. Mental Groove are putting out some good stuff of late.

Brodinski - Bad Runner (Crookers Gone Electro Remix) (alt link)

It seems like an eternity since I first heard this next track. Good times.

Tiga - Move My Body (ONLY4EROLMIX) (alt link)

19 December 2007

No prizes for guessing where these guys are from. When will it stop?

We Are Terrorists. - Ground Zero (alt link)

Whilst on the subject of French electro - it's great to see some new remixes from Tepr popping up all over the place. His work on K10K's Dangerseekers is superb. Back in the day I posted about Tepr's electro hip hop band Abstrackt Keal Agram. For fans of Anticon, 8-bit, Nathan Fake. Arguably better than Tepr's solo work - you can pick up the album Bad Thriller here.

Abstrackt Keal Agram - Rivière (alt link)

Abstrackt Keal Agram - Street Lamp Confession (feat. Atoms Family) (alt link)

17 December 2007

From Here We Go Sublime is possibly my favourite album of the year. So upon investigating for a similar sound I was recommended the following. Vintage soundscapes from Arp and shoegazey electronica from The Reflecting Skin. For fans of The Field, you should enjoy both of these.

The Reflecting Skin - Year Of The Knife
(alt link)

Arp - Potentialities
(alt link)

If the the above has left you in a state of ambient frostbite then you really need to be warmed up by this track from Otterman Empire - taken from the 2006 Babylon & On 12" released on Whatever We Want Records. Whilst nowhere as good or inventive as the title track, Dharma really does make you feel like you should be in some down at heel Abu Dhabi disco back in 1973. Excellent stuff!

Otterman Empire - Dharma
(alt link)

16 December 2007

Cage And Aviary have had a couple of very limited vinyl only single releases on the outstanding Dissident label. Television Train heads into spaced-out punk funk territory with live bass, guitar and extremely hooky vocals from Nigel and superb handling of synths, drums, funny noises, arrangement and production from Jamie (who also makes superb productions under the moniker Ape Into Jam). Television Train is 12 minutes of low slung synth bass disco bliss. Also well worth an investigating on Dissident would be the catchy crafts conjured up by Ali Renault and Binary Chaffinch (founding member of Londons prog-noisers Chrome Hoof)

Cage And Aviary - Television Train (alt link)

In addition to messing with the blog look slightly i've also stuck a search bar on the right hand side so you can type in your favourite artists and see if i've mentioned them at some point in the past.

15 December 2007

Cajuan - Raven (Cajuan's Metro Rave Mix) (alt link)

Fox n'Wolf - Rules Out
(alt link)

datA - 7 Months To Forget
(alt link)

Etienne de Crécy - Punk (live)
(alt link)

All of the above tracks might be 50% fun.

13 December 2007

Hamburg's Moonbootica really serve up a volley of beats on this track. 7 out of 10 - Perfect!

Moonbootica - Strobelight (alt link)

Synth-pop - it's been too long since the sugary sweetness of a Freezepop-esque act has grabbed my attention and made me smile. I thought i'd gone off the genre to an extent but no, quality always shines through. Actually scrub the Freezepop comparison what we are talking here are the delicious synth-pop moments of 69 Love Songs - you know, like - Underwear and Long Forgotten Fairytale. Fantasy Mirrors are full of warmth and mischief and are ready to caramelise your ears.

Fantasy Mirrors - Blue Whale (alt link)

11 December 2007

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Services - Alive (Nick Zinner Remix) (alt link)

Zombie Zombie - Driving This Road Until Death (alt link)

Danger - 14h54 (alt link)

Terrestrial Super Receiver - Moonlight From Her Body (alt link)

Spam from Africa (potentially a great band name) can be quite fun to read, certainly better than an insipid glossy celeb magazine. Today's tracks - Nick Zinner's subtle mix of Services brings back raucous memories of United Sounds of ATP at Camber Sands, that whole weekend was jokes, and i'm so glad that ATP is back at Camber Sands next year - can't wait!

Zombie Zombie is the psychedelic side project of Herman Dune's Neman. Zombie Zombie could be the soundtrack to any creep-in-cheek 1960's horror B-movie. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies perhaps. It's all pretty compelling analog action anyway, and you UK kids have chance to see Zombie Zombie in a hamlet near you over the next few weeks, check their Myspace for details.

Danger is French and makes electro music inspired by Daft Punk - "Oh, how original!" you say - "You may scoff, but he sure crafts a good tune " I say. Danger works can be found on the great French electronic freakbeat label, Ekleroshock.

And finally,
Terrestrial Super Receiver bring the nostalgic sounding electronic pop beats that could be summed up with the words "1980's workout music"

6 December 2007

Milky Globe is the current recording pseudonym of Jon Tye, Lo Recordings' musical director, who for this latest venture has recruited a number of friends and associates for an extended collaboration. Each track on the album features a guest spot from artists like Luke Vibert, James Holden, Secondo, Isan and Nathan Fake. Consequently, there's a greater depth of variety than you might expect from a more run-of-the-mill beat-driven electronic long-player. Isan feature on two entries and plaster their soft analog soundscaping persona all over the production, bringing a spacious electronic trickle to the padded beats of 'Velvet Space' and the similarly luxurious 'Fade Away (And Radiate'. At the opposite end of the scale Secondo chops his way through 'Secondo Moogs' with a deftly edited disco sensibility, producing beautifully satisfying results. Very nice indeed. Taken from Boomkat - unquestionably the most comprehensive and informative online record shop there is. But yeah Milky Globe & Friends will stimulate, sooth and satisfy the astronaut within you.

Milky Globe - Magic Waves (with Aeroplane)
(alt link)

Oh here, have some more space disco. Lush, cosmic soundscapes and an infectious soft beat are enough to make anyone reach for their VR headset. Taken from Sinner DC's Montage vinyl

Sinner DC - Lady March (Water Lilly Remix)
(alt link)

From music to art - FFFFOUND! is the greatest website in the world for the bored/lazy art lover. Enjoy!

4 December 2007

BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979/85 - the must have compilation for any adherent of the current French electronic scene. It's a collection of obscure French synth tracks produced between 1979-1985. From the outset it becomes pretty obvious just how much they've influenced the generation of electronic upstarts we now see coming out of France - with them no doubt taking inspiration from these lo-fi DIY styles of yesteryear. Proof can be found by listening out for the sample used by Busy P in his track Rainbow Man taken from the Comix track. Grab your copy of the compilation HERE.

Comix - Touche Pas Mon Sexe (
alt link)

Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Écris D'Un Pays (alt link)

Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo

3 December 2007


Motor - Killer (alt link)

John Lord Fonda - So Far Away (alt link)


The Soft Pink Truth - Promofunk
(alt link)

Neon - Skydiver
(alt link)

SERIOUS + FUN = SERIOUS FUN. Which is what was had at Turnmills on Saturday, it was all a bit ridiculous. Anyway - the track by Motor will do nothing to convince you that they actually produced some of Prince's work. Motor present uncompromising harshness wielded like a man with mastery over wild animals, firm but enticing. The John Lord Fonda track if you haven't heard it before will no doubt remind you of Vitalic with its epical composition. Promofunk by The Soft Pink Truth is still one of my favourite tracks ever released on Tigerbeat6 an unsurpassed disco-glitch triumph. Skydiver by Neon was released in 1981, a catchy italo number about love (the bendy guitars give it extra romance). Skydiver was featured on the 8th of Parisian fashion house Colette's compilation which was mixed by Joakim. The 2nd CD is one of the highest quality.