16 December 2007

Cage And Aviary have had a couple of very limited vinyl only single releases on the outstanding Dissident label. Television Train heads into spaced-out punk funk territory with live bass, guitar and extremely hooky vocals from Nigel and superb handling of synths, drums, funny noises, arrangement and production from Jamie (who also makes superb productions under the moniker Ape Into Jam). Television Train is 12 minutes of low slung synth bass disco bliss. Also well worth an investigating on Dissident would be the catchy crafts conjured up by Ali Renault and Binary Chaffinch (founding member of Londons prog-noisers Chrome Hoof)

Cage And Aviary - Television Train (alt link)

In addition to messing with the blog look slightly i've also stuck a search bar on the right hand side so you can type in your favourite artists and see if i've mentioned them at some point in the past.


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