A collection of wonderful tracks. Some new - some old - all gold!

Risque - Starlight (alt link)

Dutch girl group Risque originally released Starlight back in 1982 - it is early 80s disco pop perfection with its swirling analog synths and other associated ethereal sounds plus such classic lyrics as "You, you're my Space Invader"

Stereo Total - Mehr Licht
(alt link)

More Light has perhaps taken over Do The Bambi or Joe Le Taxi as my favourite Stereo Total song. Raw.

Tussle - Meh Teh (alt link)

My disappointment at not getting chance to see San Franciscan experimentalists Tussle live this year was confounded when I heard Meh Teh. Telescope Mind and Kling Klang on Troubleman Unlimited and Smalltown Supersound are both well worth checking out if you're a fan of say both disco and Battles.

Clark - Dirty Pixie (alt link)

Clark's latest EP Throttle Promoter delivers ferocious beats. Top stuff.

The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity
(alt link)

My favourite song by The Knife.

Alan Braxe - Addicted

55% danceable - 100% amazing. You'll see what I mean.


Anonymous said…
That Tussle track would be a lot better if it was played at the correct speed...
Anonymous said…
second that motion for "you make me like Charity" being the best Knife track.
Anonymous said…
who is doing the artwork for this page? i even love it more then the music. add me..

& nice blog :)
Anonymous said…
wrong speed
can i use your work in my mag?

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