The Reflecting Skin - Arp - Otterman Empire

From Here We Go Sublime is possibly my favourite album of the year. So upon investigating for a similar sound I was recommended the following. Vintage soundscapes from Arp and shoegazey electronica from The Reflecting Skin. For fans of The Field, you should enjoy both of these.

The Reflecting Skin - Year Of The Knife
(alt link)

Arp - Potentialities
(alt link)

If the the above has left you in a state of ambient frostbite then you really need to be warmed up by this track from Otterman Empire - taken from the 2006 Babylon & On 12" released on Whatever We Want Records. Whilst nowhere as good or inventive as the title track, Dharma really does make you feel like you should be in some down at heel Abu Dhabi disco back in 1973. Excellent stuff!

Otterman Empire - Dharma
(alt link)


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