serious fun


Motor - Killer (alt link)

John Lord Fonda - So Far Away (alt link)


The Soft Pink Truth - Promofunk
(alt link)

Neon - Skydiver
(alt link)

SERIOUS + FUN = SERIOUS FUN. Which is what was had at Turnmills on Saturday, it was all a bit ridiculous. Anyway - the track by Motor will do nothing to convince you that they actually produced some of Prince's work. Motor present uncompromising harshness wielded like a man with mastery over wild animals, firm but enticing. The John Lord Fonda track if you haven't heard it before will no doubt remind you of Vitalic with its epical composition. Promofunk by The Soft Pink Truth is still one of my favourite tracks ever released on Tigerbeat6 an unsurpassed disco-glitch triumph. Skydiver by Neon was released in 1981, a catchy italo number about love (the bendy guitars give it extra romance). Skydiver was featured on the 8th of Parisian fashion house Colette's compilation which was mixed by Joakim. The 2nd CD is one of the highest quality.


Anonymous said…
u r 2 good 2 b true. thanks for the regular tunes!
Vergel Evans said…
Sweet selection of tunes.... Digging the write=ups as well.

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