Hello Good-Day.

Mr Abede Umbongo is my name a citizen of IVORY COAST Africas I belive you are the rightful person to assist me and my brother without any problem or betrayal of trust among each other and I want you to know that it is the spirit of synthesized musics that directed us to you.

This is to introduce you into project of transfering the sum of 10,000 Pokemon trading cards and 4 electronics song.,which I needed it to leave here soon regarding the same political problem if not we shall lose it.

However,the cards belonged to my late father Gen. Makongo Umbongo) but he died due to the political problem .please if my proposal accept kindly send your full informations to further you in more details I needed your assistance.

Mean while hope to talk about your percentage of Pokemon trading card in the next times,,,Enclose your full contact details for more trust.

Best regards
Mr Abede.

Services - Alive (Nick Zinner Remix) (alt link)

Zombie Zombie - Driving This Road Until Death (alt link)

Danger - 14h54 (alt link)

Terrestrial Super Receiver - Moonlight From Her Body (alt link)

Spam from Africa (potentially a great band name) can be quite fun to read, certainly better than an insipid glossy celeb magazine. Today's tracks - Nick Zinner's subtle mix of Services brings back raucous memories of United Sounds of ATP at Camber Sands, that whole weekend was jokes, and i'm so glad that ATP is back at Camber Sands next year - can't wait!

Zombie Zombie is the psychedelic side project of Herman Dune's Neman. Zombie Zombie could be the soundtrack to any creep-in-cheek 1960's horror B-movie. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies perhaps. It's all pretty compelling analog action anyway, and you UK kids have chance to see Zombie Zombie in a hamlet near you over the next few weeks, check their Myspace for details.

Danger is French and makes electro music inspired by Daft Punk - "Oh, how original!" you say - "You may scoff, but he sure crafts a good tune " I say. Danger works can be found on the great French electronic freakbeat label, Ekleroshock.

And finally,
Terrestrial Super Receiver bring the nostalgic sounding electronic pop beats that could be summed up with the words "1980's workout music"


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