27 February 2008

Taking their name from a slow paced game of the bowling family - Bocce are a Canadian trio who are nothing like a gentle ball game - aimed at old men (saying that my dad is pretty rad). There are keyboards galore and some spot on drumming, both combine to create this dancey and mischievous sound that you could perhaps equate to sounding like a mix of Think About Life and The Octopus Project. 'Hi Birdbear / Can't Reason Do It?' is their album, good it is, released back in 2006 this definitely counts as a missed gem.

Bocce - Bicycle Cop (alt link)

Bocce - Again Again Again Again
(alt link)

You may have heard these, off an incredibly popular time specifice French music compilation that is arguably better than BIPPP. The compilation is So Young But So Cold Underground French Music 1977-1983

Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough (Ivan Smagghe Edit)

Moderne - Switch On Bach

21 February 2008

So yeah. This weekend i'm off to see Vampire Weekend play, and Boys Noize slay. You've all heard of them both about a million times on a million blogs. But you might not have heard their rap side projects and other electronic manifestations.

Kid Alex - Ja! (alt link)

Kid Alex - Fame (Headman Remix) (alt link)

Alex Ridha was Kid Alex before he was Boys Noize. Restless was a double CD release containing originals and remixes that generally towed the line of electro-indie. The perfect soundtrack to a sunny Saturday afternoon on the common.

L'Homme Run - Interracial Dating (alt link)

L'Homme Run - Giving Up Da Gun (alt link)

L'Homme Run appears to be the lo-fi electro pop / rap project of Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. Catchy and smile inducing :)

18 February 2008

Letroset - Skillex
(alt link)

Letroset - Arcade Hater
(alt link)

This is from Letroset and his latest offering Hertz Aus Glas. It is a blinding mix of cut-up beats, dancefloor rhythms and countless influences new and old. It has won the backing of Feadz and Alden Tyrell to name a couple. Superlative effort.

Acrnym - Rhona (alt link)

Acrnym - France Music (alt link)

Another Scottish electronic whizz - Acrnym. From insane chipcore to tongue in cheek breaks. Superb.

I'm after an invite to Ffffound! if anyone has one going spare plzthxby.

14 February 2008

Quite a while ago I posted some spaced out grooves from Amplified Orchestra. Here is some more from them that will no doubt remind you of Black Devil but is in fact an edit of an obscure Canadian disco track from 1981 called 'War Dance' by Kebekelektrik .Top stuff.

Amplified Orchestra - Kebec 1 (alt link)

Fellow disco aesthetes Padded Cell are readying themselves for a debut album release in the next couple of months, I can't wait for it. It will feature plenty of collaborations including one with The Diaphanoids - a mysterious bunch of time-traveling space bandits who themselves will be releasing tribalistic astro-melodies on the 'Mermaids Of Lunaris EP' at the end of March released through Bear Entertainment. Quality all around.

Padded Cell - Konkorde Lafayette (alt link)

The Diaphanoids - Weightless Motionless (alt link)

11 February 2008

Cybotron - Techno City (alt link)

Nearly 24 years old that Cybotron track. What might you find in Techno City these days?

Williams - Illegal Ninja Moves (alt link)

Great track from Williams. Off of Get Physical's 5 Year compilation.

Fairmont - Mobula (alt link)

Coloured In Memory was certainly one of the last years highlights, further reinforcing Border Community's already mighty fine batch of releases.

Hugg & Pepp - Farfar (alt link)

Epic. Reminiscent of some of the sounds found on The Knife's Silent Shout except a lot more formulaic and focused, really awesome. Taken from Hugg & Pepp's Marmors Hosta EP - highly recommended.

8 February 2008

Great pop songs reconstituted into delectable chiptunes.

Printed Circuit - Can't Get You Out Of My Shed (alt link)

Printed Circuit did this a couple of years back to Kylie's undeniably good 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head'

Max Tundra - What Time Is Love (alt link)

Max Tundra takes on the pranksters of pop The KLF and their killer track 'What Time Is Love' =D

6 February 2008

The Field - Night
(alt link)

Simply incredible. In my opinion Axel Willner's best track to date. Taken from his new EP which contains four 15 minute tracks and is part of the nordic Light Hotel's musical concept called “Sound of Light”. The idea of creating music inspired by light was only the starting point for this project. The goal is to portray the entire hotel through music but the main idea is simply to produce a far out record that makes for great listening. Repetition never sounded so good. Also, if you're in London next Saturday (16th) you can see The Field performing live, more details can be found over at Allez-Allez.

4 February 2008

Just wow. There's plenty of fuss been made about A Mountain Of One. You'll soon understand why.

A Mountain Of One - Can't Be Serious (alt link)

This is a track from Radioslave's long standing side project Quiet Village. Radioslave recently did a lovely mix for Partial Arts' new track whose track Trauermusik is incredible.

Quiet Village Project - Free Rider (alt link)

Partial Arts - Trauermusik

Continuing on similar lines to Quiet Village there is this from fellow obscurist psychadelian re-constructors Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Taken from the most recent West LP.

Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Get Ready To Fly (alt link)

2 February 2008

Phil Kieran
has taken time out from Alloy Mental to release some new solo material. The quality of Kieran's work will never be in doubt and the release of Again And Again gives further evidence to his talent. Some of the best minimal i've heard in quite some time.

Phil Kieran - Again And Again (alt link)

I posted this Phil Kieran mix of Motor's 1X1 about 7 yonks ago. But if you missed it.

Motor - 1X1 (Phil Kieran Remix)

You've probably heard this a million times. This track kept me awake and alert whilst driving in some horrible weather conditions earlier on. It's ferocious - it's Modeselektor. If you've not heard it before, just skip the first minute and enjoy some bass annihilation.

Modeselektor - Kill Bill vol.4 (alt link)

And off the same album. Something totally different.

Modeselektor - I Love You (alt link)