L'Homme Run

So yeah. This weekend i'm off to see Vampire Weekend play, and Boys Noize slay. You've all heard of them both about a million times on a million blogs. But you might not have heard their rap side projects and other electronic manifestations.

Kid Alex - Ja! (alt link)

Kid Alex - Fame (Headman Remix) (alt link)

Alex Ridha was Kid Alex before he was Boys Noize. Restless was a double CD release containing originals and remixes that generally towed the line of electro-indie. The perfect soundtrack to a sunny Saturday afternoon on the common.

L'Homme Run - Interracial Dating (alt link)

L'Homme Run - Giving Up Da Gun (alt link)

L'Homme Run appears to be the lo-fi electro pop / rap project of Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig. Catchy and smile inducing :)


Anonymous said…
Such a great blog i read it avidly!keep up the good work man you make my ears happy.Im stunned at how good Kid Alex-Ja is i love it.his Do worry remix is fantastic i play it whenever im Djing.Id appreciate if you posted some more Kid alex tunes if you had them.<3

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