28 March 2008

Sublime Frequencies and Shadoks - two labels with a similar aim, to release the finest in obscure world music. I've dabbled in Sublime Frequencies offering of Thai Pop music previously. But now I have become spellbound by the sounds of Africa.

Amanaz - Africa (alt link)

Mid-1970's Zambian fuzzed out psych-rock. This song taken from the LP of the same name has such enchanting qualities. Absolutely outstanding.

Group Inerane - Awal September

Group Inerane - Nadan al Kazawnin (alt link)

Niger's Group Inerane have captivated me for quite some time. The raw power that their songs have is incredible. They create an inimitable style, to attempt it in the western world would be met with japes.

  • Terrific post! Love that Amanaz track - definitely going to look for this album. And great timing: I've been falling hard for some African tracks this weekend, too - here.

    By Blogger James A. Reeves, at 10:30 pm  
  • absolutely amazing post !

    you're one of the best blog i've discovered, thx a lot !

    By Blogger Gohan, at 6:54 am  

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