It's SXSW.


Anamanaguchi - Power Supply (alt link)

New York's premier 8-bit rockers Anamanaguchi, charming stuff that comes off more organic than a lot of 8-bit you hear.

Aonomi - Misodisko (alt link)

Aonomi are from Tokyo and totally nail their Gameboys into submission.

Bird Peterson - Twurk Central (alt link)

Pure danceable breaks beats and bass from Bird Peterson.

Cheveu - Hello Friend (alt link)

are playing shows with Tyvek which might give you a clue as to their sound. Lo-fi noise rock. Really good.

Dr. Delay - Reigny Daze (alt link)

Dr. Delay on this track reminds me a lot of Burial (obvious I know)

Eat Skull - Seeing Things (alt link)

Yes, more no-fi noise rock this time from Eat Skull.

Ghosthustler - Losing Tracks

The blogs are all over Ghosthustler, deservedly so too. This years Thieves Like Us?

Hong Kong Blood Opera (alt link)

Mexican friends of Grabba Grabba Tape - nuff sed. Noisy electro-rock! HKBO are my new favourite Mexican band.

Mystery Palace - Stepchild (alt link)

Cheap keyboards and assorted twinkles put to haunting vocals. Mystery Palace conjure up some dreamy lo-fi pop.

Power Pill Fist - Vile (alt link)

Graveface Records new signing Power Pill Fist take an idea and deconstruct it in a harsh manner. Experimental goodness.

Receptors - Receptors- (alt link)

Receptors have made 8-bit tributes to Kraftwerk.

Services - Presenter (alt link)

This is a new track from Services, who are the only act out of this lot i've actually seen before. Seeing them live is a must!

Shina Rae - Touch (alt link)

Oh, a girl who's not afraid to tell it like it is, tell it like it is, set to a tinny electro beat. Still a good look to work it seems. Catchy.

Telepathe - Chrome's On It (alt link)

Is this The Blow? No, it is Telepathe - an act who've quietly been going about it for a bit now. Sounds just like The Blow. Good thing.

Tree Wave - Sleep (alt link)

Texas' Tree Wave churn out yet more chip tunes. This time a Morr music influence in mind. Probably my favourite out of the chip tune kids on display here.

Twin Crystals - Two Girls (alt link)

Twin Crystals
are an old fave of mine. Releasing their stuff on Summer Lovers Unlimited these guys really put across some icy cold electronic drone rock.

Wolff - Addition By Subtraction (alt link)

Brian Wolff is from New York and the concept he works with is that all the sounds are generated by, with, and through his tuba with the help of numerous guitar pedals and other sundry looping devices. Singing is through the tuba. Percussion is banging on the tuba. You get the picture. And by the way, there's no need to be afraid. It's not nearly as scary as it sounds. TUBA!

Excuse the poor write ups, above is just a sample of who i've enjoyed amongst the neverending list that is the SXSW line-up. I trust the music will do the talking. There's loads of ace stuff i've missed out like the indie charm of Torngat and Throw Me The Statue to the intrigue and novelty of Haunted George and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis with no doubt more to be uncovered in the near future.


Amazone said…
wow what amazing post :)
Anonymous said…
my first time here and i really dig your site, very very cool :) great artwork too!
Anonymous said…
my first time here and i really dig your site, very very cool :) great artwork too!
Anonymous said…
some of these tracks are a downgrade from the usual music you post - yet i commend you for supplying a brief appetizer of artists performing at sxsw for those that are interested.
. said… :D
Anonymous said…
hey! anyone interested on Hong Kong Blood Opera, can contact me, Helen, on

thanks for your comment!
Anonymous said…
hong kong blood opera's official space:

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