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So i'm off to Soulwax, D.I.M. Riton and Ladyhawke tomorrow night followed by MSTRKRFT and Les Petits Pilous on Monday which all promises to be not not fun. In keeping with that.

Riton - Hammer Of Thor
(alt link)

Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Mock & Toof Mix)

Kazey And Bulldog - Big Track

The original by Pharoahe Monch is one of my favourite rap songs. The remix is not too bad either!

DJ Fame - Anutha Day In The Ghetto
I was drawn to the Ghetto Dayz EP by The Bulgarian remix, the original is much much better though - filthy bass and breakdowns are always a good combo. (wait 1 minute)

Invisible Friends - Ghess
(alt link)
Top quality bass driven techno. Point of reference, a souped up James Holden.

Joe Breaker - You Say (Secret Agent Gel Remix)

2-step grime never sounded so good.

I'll stop there in attempt to keep quality over quantity. Speaking of quality, there is literally an abundance of good new music just recently. Some of it may make on appearance on this here monstrosity.

Discovery round-up:
Andrew Allsgood (disco)
Kikifruit (lo lo lo-fi electronics / art)
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner (techno)
Lexx (electronica / edits)
Ytre Rymden Dansskola (disco)
The Canyons (electro-pop)
Ritmolider (electronica / disco)
Discosession (says on tin)

Your number 12 source for staying ahead of Simon Cowell.

Have funs.


Anonymous said…
ladyhawke mix my ass you fucking ass hole. FUCK THIS BULL SHIT.
Leighton said…

my sincerest of apologies
Anonymous said…
thats hilarious

ongoing thanks for the discoveries leighton. didnt know about the canyons and they are in my own backyard

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