30 May 2008

Gladio - Fighting In The North (alt link)

War music. Archeologically-themed electro compositions on Mighty Robot from self-proclaimed 'Slave Of Rome' Gladio, who very possibly takes his ancient history a bit too far by naming the final entry on his five-track opus 'Time Team Track'. Still, nice to hear '80s-style synth pieces making reference to Tony Robinson, however inexplicable it might seem.

Sticking with the '80s synth stylings it's good to hear some new stuff from the king of seedy pan-continental disco - Bogdan Irkuk. The Coastal EP is available here.

Bogdan Irkuk - Caprice (alt link)

My new iPod met its first encounter with public transport today, it stood up to the task perfectly and took my mind off this choleric dog and nonchalant owner that were sat across from me. This was roughly how it went.

Efdemin - Acid Bells

Sinner DC - They Never Stay

Cari Lekebusch - Shaded (Clouded Visions Acid Dub)

Professor Genius - Kisses

My Cousin Roy - In For It

Padded Cell - Word Of Mouth


27 May 2008

Allez Allez - Valley Of The Kings (alt link)

A song for the warm hearted Viking in us all. Allez Allez originally released Valley Of The Kings as a single in 1982, but if I hadn't told you that and you hadn't previously heard of them you could easily mistake it for a much more recent production. These Belgian avant-popsters of yonder must be reveling in this rekindling of interest of all things Belgian and funky with perhaps belated sense of achievement. A Best Of compilation has been released and also features remixes by Aeroplane, Lindstrom & Prins, Quiet Village and Optimo Espacio. Really good.

Relatively new in comparison is this track by Stars As Eyes, one of my all-time faves for nostalgic reasons. It was also my first taste of Tigerbeat6. 6 years ago, how time flies.

Stars As Eyes - Suspension Days (alt link)

20 May 2008

Electro pop.

Koko Von Napoo are an attractive Parisian indie band. Chateau Marmont (presumably named after the famous Hollywood hotel) turn their vintage equipment on to remix the track Polly. Creating an insatiable electro-pop delight. Drum machines and bouncy synth hooks burrow their way in to your head while the irresistible French accent makes you go all fuzzy (we discussed this at length the other day, male or female the French accent is considered enchanting by 7 out of 10 Britishes) Anyway, check out Chateau Marmont for some more dreamy space pop - it's really good stuff.

Koko Von Napoo - Polly (Chateau Marmont Remix) (alt link)

And from one addictive pop tune with congenial female lyrics to another. Little Boots has been making big footprints in the domain of music blogs. You've probably heard Stuck On Repeat and admittedly i'm a bit late on this one, but for those of you who have not heard it then here is your chance. A real gem that has left people reaching out for superlatives.

Little Boots - Stuck On Repeat

End electro-pop

Start 1960's Femmes

Christine Delaroche - Des Tigres Et Des Minets (alt link)

Clothilde - Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat (alt link)

Virginie Rodin - Commando Spatial (alt link)

Swoon. I just love dancing to old tunes like those.

18 May 2008

So, as soon as I pick up my Wayfarer's, chino shorts and Sebago docksides in anticipation of continuing fine weather, it rains! Not happy. To celebrate - a brooding dubstep triumph from the Skull Disco camp.

Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (T++ Remix) (alt link)

T++ takes Shackleton's original with a stunning techno revision, riding rock hard subbass depth charges with a grasp of rhythmic movement like no one else, switching between Autechre style convolutions and hardcore styled brokebeats and back, while deeply humid atmospheric conditions created from dense thickets of synth signals ominously threaten to unleash their load - Boomkat. Inspiring stuff.

And here we have a first, a mix made by myself. If it proves to be a failure, it will also be a last. Some neat tunes in there though - even if they perhaps don't go together. Concise electro to start with that then runs into some drawn out minimal techno. Go easy on me.

Running time: 01h 01m 01s

Alex Smoke - A Moment To Myself

8otto - 0zero (Herve's Hypnotherapy Remix)
Round Table Knights - Hold Me Back (The Bulgarian Remix)
Supabeats - Sexo Perfecto (En Masse Remix)
Shinichi Osawa - The Golden
Dolby Anol - Vista Countdown
Don Rimini - Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsujin Remix)
Pink Skull - Drugs Will Keep Us Together (Trevor Loveys Remix)
Modeselektor - Black Block
Rekorder - Rekorder 10.1
Microtrauma - Raw Unit
Oliver Huntemann - La Boum
Jori Hulkkonen - Mr Drive
Lindstrom - I Feel Space


14 May 2008

Oh France. Why do you treat us like this?

Minitel Rose - Elevator (alt link)

Minitel Rose - Better Days (part 2) (alt link)

On everyones lips for all the right reasons it's Minitel Rose. Cooking up a precious blend of 80s inspiration mixed in with all the sounds we've come to expect from various French house moguls. Feel good tunes for feel good times.

Remote - Black Fi (alt link)

Remote - Veron (alt link)

Remote are sinister yet enticing. A cold underbelly disguised by a fluffy exterior. They say it's about techno and disco meeting on the same dancefloor. Backed by the likes of Holden and Tiga their latest LP'Dark Enough' is available HERE.

13 May 2008

Los Angeles T.F. - Magical Body (alt link)

I got told off by Alan Killjoys for playing this too loud in our chalet at ATP - about the only lowlight of an otherwise faultless celebration of music and other sunny fun times. It is straight up incandescent disco from 1983 - a track which made it as high as number 15 in the billboard charts, and it's hardly surprising considering how well the track is produced with its seductive European femme vocals and unambiguous synth hooks. A belter that has been re-released on Clone and is available on vinyl HERE.

Discosession - Mahmood's Moon (alt link)

Discosession give a lunar sized sense of planetary wonderment here with Mahmood's Moon. Likely to call to mind one of Prins Thomas' disco efforts (see below) this track will take you to a far away place with this arpeggiating analog synths, low slung bass and fuzzy guitar moments.

Ytre Rymden Dansskola - Kjappfot (Prins Thomas Edit) (alt link)

Their name maybe unpronounceable to an inherently ignorant mono-linguist like myself but Norway's Ytre Rymden Dansskola craft some quite gorgeous material that has found its way onto Prins Thomas' Full Pupp label.

7 May 2008

In 1960, after Mali won Independence from France, the government specified that each of the eight regions of Mali be represented by an orchestra comprised of, naturally, their very best musicians. The orchestras convened once a year from 1962-68, and subsequently every other year until the mid-eighties, to determine who was the best. This record documents a portion of the repertoire performed by the Orchestra Regional de Kayes, representing a region in the northwest of Mali bordering Senegal. It is their only recording, and was originally released in the Barenreiter-Musicaphon series. The bulk of the songs are renditions of traditional Mande folk songs, interpreted in the context of Mali's burgeoning modernity. Re-released by Mississippi Records, Orchestra Regional de Kayes provide one of the most fascinating and downright wonderful selection of African guitar music you will ever hear. Timeless. Buy the record HERE.

Orchestra Regional de Kayes - Sanjina (alt link)

Orchestra Regional de Kayes - Kayi (alt link)

Admittedly (and sadly) that might not be to everyones taste, but something I do believe will have broader appeal is the new album by The Chap entitled Mega Breakfast. Whereas the Ham had just the odd standout track on it (Oozing Emotion still as amazing as ever), Mega Breakfast has no bad tracks just some of the catchiest indie dance pop tunes you will hear this year, humour and music hand in hand. A contender for my favourite new release of 2008 so far.

The Chap - Fun And Interesting

The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley

Back in time we go. Das Kabinette from 1983 and a track that instantly brought The Mighty Boosh to mind.

Das Kabinette - The Cabinet

Right, ATP time. I'll leave you with a taster of what i'm looking forward to, and shall return next week satisfied and sunburned.

Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes (alt link)

No Age - Teen Creeps (alt link)

Times New Viking - Devo & Wine (alt link)

4 May 2008

Michoacan - Held Up (Michoacans Lord Synthious Take)
(alt link)

Energetic electro funk with super spacey synths by Michoacan. The Held Up EP also features a remix from Naum Gabo, who did this eerily off kilter synth up of Midnight Mike's United about a yonk ago.

Midnight Mike - United (Naum Gabo Remix)

Charles Manier is just one of the seemingly endless stream of wonderful electronic music craftsmen that make Ghostly the great label it is.

Charles Manier - Bang Bang Lover (alt link)

Having not heard anything of Play Paul since his 2005 release 'Yesterday' on Kitsune which I have to say didn't impress me that much considering the guy is brother of Guy 'Daft Punk' De Homem-Christo, my opinion has somewhat changed upon hearing 'All Mine' and 'Breathe'. Jan Driver turns out a great remix here too.

Play Paul - Breathe (Jan Driver Remix) (alt link)

Well that was a nice little jaunt into the fashionable world of electronic music.

Oh, 1983.

ATP vs Pitchfork in less than a week! Excitement mounts!