Allez Allez

Allez Allez - Valley Of The Kings (alt link)

A song for the warm hearted Viking in us all. Allez Allez originally released Valley Of The Kings as a single in 1982, but if I hadn't told you that and you hadn't previously heard of them you could easily mistake it for a much more recent production. These Belgian avant-popsters of yonder must be reveling in this rekindling of interest of all things Belgian and funky with perhaps belated sense of achievement. A Best Of compilation has been released and also features remixes by Aeroplane, Lindstrom & Prins, Quiet Village and Optimo Espacio. Really good.

Relatively new in comparison is this track by Stars As Eyes, one of my all-time faves for nostalgic reasons. It was also my first taste of Tigerbeat6. 6 years ago, how time flies.

Stars As Eyes - Suspension Days (alt link)


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