Gladio - Fighting In The North (alt link)

War music. Archeologically-themed electro compositions on Mighty Robot from self-proclaimed 'Slave Of Rome' Gladio, who very possibly takes his ancient history a bit too far by naming the final entry on his five-track opus 'Time Team Track'. Still, nice to hear '80s-style synth pieces making reference to Tony Robinson, however inexplicable it might seem.

Sticking with the '80s synth stylings it's good to hear some new stuff from the king of seedy pan-continental disco - Bogdan Irkuk. The Coastal EP is available here.

Bogdan Irkuk - Caprice (alt link)

My new iPod met its first encounter with public transport today, it stood up to the task perfectly and took my mind off this choleric dog and nonchalant owner that were sat across from me. This was roughly how it went.

Efdemin - Acid Bells

Sinner DC - They Never Stay

Cari Lekebusch - Shaded (Clouded Visions Acid Dub)

Professor Genius - Kisses

My Cousin Roy - In For It

Padded Cell - Word Of Mouth



cantaloupe said…
love the gladio track

great post

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