In 1960, after Mali won Independence from France, the government specified that each of the eight regions of Mali be represented by an orchestra comprised of, naturally, their very best musicians. The orchestras convened once a year from 1962-68, and subsequently every other year until the mid-eighties, to determine who was the best. This record documents a portion of the repertoire performed by the Orchestra Regional de Kayes, representing a region in the northwest of Mali bordering Senegal. It is their only recording, and was originally released in the Barenreiter-Musicaphon series. The bulk of the songs are renditions of traditional Mande folk songs, interpreted in the context of Mali's burgeoning modernity. Re-released by Mississippi Records, Orchestra Regional de Kayes provide one of the most fascinating and downright wonderful selection of African guitar music you will ever hear. Timeless. Buy the record HERE.

Orchestra Regional de Kayes - Sanjina (alt link)

Orchestra Regional de Kayes - Kayi (alt link)

Admittedly (and sadly) that might not be to everyones taste, but something I do believe will have broader appeal is the new album by The Chap entitled Mega Breakfast. Whereas the Ham had just the odd standout track on it (Oozing Emotion still as amazing as ever), Mega Breakfast has no bad tracks just some of the catchiest indie dance pop tunes you will hear this year, humour and music hand in hand. A contender for my favourite new release of 2008 so far.

The Chap - Fun And Interesting

The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley

Back in time we go. Das Kabinette from 1983 and a track that instantly brought The Mighty Boosh to mind.

Das Kabinette - The Cabinet

Right, ATP time. I'll leave you with a taster of what i'm looking forward to, and shall return next week satisfied and sunburned.

Glass Candy - I Always Say Yes (alt link)

No Age - Teen Creeps (alt link)

Times New Viking - Devo & Wine (alt link)


Anonymous said…
You're my drug dealer :)

i see you like african music so this for you :
Super Mama Djambo - Dissan na mbera

i don't know if you already know buts it's a great group !
Anonymous said…
thank you for THE CHAP...
Anonymous said…
really really nice blog!
Anonymous said…
The Chap, just brilliant, thanks for introducing them to me. Nice blog. Interesting to hear the music from Mali. Are you going to be there at their album launch?
Leighton said…
Wow! Super Mama Djambo is really good! A very Latin feel to it, different to the majority of African music i've heard. Thanks for that. I've just picked up an album by Question Mark, a Kenyan band from 1970s sounds really good so far. Western meets Africa = good.

Not living in London hampers my album launch hopes, I get down as much as I can in Winter though. Still loving Mega Breakfast.

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