Ambient / Downtempo/ Electronica

Move D and Benjamin Brunn - Mothercorn (alt link)

When I first heard this it was like taking a ride in a time machine back to around the turn of the century - my formative years when it came to electronica I suppose, becoming hooked on Morr Music releases by B.Fleischmann, Manual and many others, but perhaps most notably ISAN. Move D and Benjamin Brunn really hark back to that time on the track Mothercorn as do many of the other tracks on the album Songs From The Beehive. Downtempo electronica / Ambient IDM. Whatever, it's all good!

Ricardo Tobar - El Sunset

Ricardo Tobar - Made

Border Community and Ricardo Tobar. This release from Tobar fits right at home amongst the BC roster. This kind of electronica has almost become the signature sound for Border Community. Fuzzed out, organic, slightly off kilter analog dreamscapes. Made will no doubt call to mind M83 whereas El Sunset brings together the best parts of Holden and Fake. It doesn't get much better.

Efterklang - Mirador (Vincent Oliver Remix) (alt link)

Fellow friend of Border Community and talented visual artist Vincent Oliver puts his touches to Efterklang's Mirador here. The result sounds like a fantastical journey through a child's mind on a summers day trek through field after field, chasing butterflies, spotting mice.....i'll stop there. An enchanting pop translation of the epic original.

Finally, a wonderful example of the beauty found within ambiance.

Brael & Tokyo Bloodworm -
Golden Mean Rectangle (alt link)

Brael & Tokyo Bloodworm -

Brael & Tokyo Bloodworm combine intricate sound treatments with elements of dense, reduced shoegaze, lilting pop and breathless drones with an exquisite attention to detail. Released through Moteer, Living Language is without doubt one of the most sumptuous and immersive releases you will hear this year.


Anonymous said…
you got myspace?
love the artwork of this blog :)

grtz koen
Unknown said…
Y came across this blog and like it, do you live in shorditch,
Don Simon said…
Ricardo Tobar is a fucking mastermind!
Leighton said…
Nah, i'm a northerner. Visit those parts a bit in winter though.

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