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Marcello Giordani - Respect Yourself (alt link)

The second release on Mule Musiq for Marcello Giordani, and quite an excellent one it is too. Dramaticism abounds in this synth heavy italo slammer.

Kasper Bjorke - Lost Signal (alt link)

I'd partly forgotten about the talents of Kasper Bjorke, In Gumbo is a great album.

Randaberg Ego Ensemble - Kepsj (alt link)

It's all about the drums in this track by Randaberg Ego Ensemble. If you like Lindstrom then you'll probably like this.

In Flagranti - Mothers Love (alt link)

Impeccable edit from the best there is - In Flagranti. Emotional R released on Mindless Boogie features 3 edits of obscure hits, so obscure I can't even find what the original of Mothers Love is and who by.

We've booked to go to Pukkelpop again this year, last years line up was incredible and too much fun was had by all, and this year is looking every bit as good. Over the next month or so i'll try and post a few tracks from the acts i'm looking forward to.


Anonymous said…
it's a re-edit of "mother's love" by macho. same dudes that covered "I'm a man".

I have the full album, if you want it, e-mail me. xx

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