Of Norway - Arch Enemy (Mix 1) (alt link)

Taken from the excellent new compilation I Love Norway this track from duo Of Norway provides an atmosphere that swathes its listener with an abundance of exquisitely applied sounds layered over an inherently minimal backbone. Nice.

John Tejada & Arian Leviste - Mathemagician (alt link)

This could soundtrack the workings of a complex machine. Formulaic and crisp. The machine would be housed in clean surroundings with the men operating it decked out in raiment white.

Lithops - Harpoon Point (alt link)

This could soundtrack the workings of an industrial beast. Also formulaic, however, weathered by laborious duties possibly involving molten lead. Lithops is actually a side project of Mouse On Mars and Von Sudenfed member Jan St Werner. Mound Magnet offers all kinds of experimental IDM joys.

Well, i'm as good as there now and I haven't posted some more experimental stuff in time. So here's a very brief selection of what i'm digging.

Neptune - Grey Shallows (alt link)

Neptune and their homemade oscillators make for a Numbers (when they were about fun) meets Les Georges Leningrad sound.

Kruton - Nitro Hassle

A coalescence of what sounds like all your favourite TV theme tunes and Herbie Hancock tracks into a sordid 8 minute minimal synth triumph! Dissident continue to keep hammering out these tracks that reek of bygone uncool times but somehow manage to make it sound 100% bang up to date.

Droon - Cripplefight (alt link)

Breakcore to the max it's Droon who samples South Park and completely kills it along with Belinda Carlisle and the abhorrence that is trance music. Even if you detest breakcore this is worth a listen just for the experience.

Cheap Dinosaurs - Hot Plate

Pitch shifting 8-bit delight from one of my favourite chiptune exponents - Cheap Dinosaurs

And that's the reason I hate being asked: "So what sort of music are you into?"


Anonymous said…
Could you tell me who made the image?
Anonymous said…
thanks for the Of Norway track. i got the compilation - it's brilliant!

Anonymous said…
hi. i love your music commentary! thanks for introducing me to goodness, i love the cheap dinosaurs song.
Anonymous said…
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