Gameplay - Beirut Disco (alt link)

Beirut - Nantes (alt link)

A sublime edit of Beirut's track 'Nantes'. The pumping beats give the track a whole new aura that's ready for the summeriest of disco dancefloors - bouncy, melodic, underpinned by a solid four four and topped off with a woozy feel. Gameplay's promising debut EP is a certain triumph with the other track paying homage Balaeric style to self-taught French double-bassist Henri Texier. Get the vinyl release HERE.

Peter Visti - Heaven Is A Disco (alt link)

Some more essential Balaeric listening from Peter Visti and his exquisite follow up to 'Balaeric Love'. Heaven Is A Disco has a glorious driving rhythm, it's all about the solid basslines and dreamy synths. Eskimo continue to do no wrong. An aside - check out Eskimo's Cosmic Disco?! Cosmic Rock?! mixed by Daniele Baldelli. Solid gold from yonder.


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