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pic: Eivind Molvaer

Seizing on an afternoon of non-adventure I compiled the following mix. Have a listen, enjoy it if you can, pass it on if you want.

/ Cosmic / Disco / Experimental / Edits /


Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd - Reaching The Infinite
Force Of Nature - Traderoute
The Creatures - Machine's Drama
Alan Shearer - Sons Of The Snake
The Diaphanoids - Escape From Martius 42
Alden Tyrell - Hills Of Honolulu
Automat - Droid
Sumeria - Cosmic Traveler
Knight Action - Single Girl
Neon - Skydiver
C.O.M.B.I. - You Got Love Song
Lovefingers - Zoysia
Easy Going - Do It Again
Giorgio Moroder - Utopia, Me Giorgio
Artefact - Mae
America - Horse With No Name
Super Mama Djombo - Dissan Na M'Bera
Sylvester - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
Imagination - Just An Illusion (Lindstrom vs Terje Edit)
Andrew Allsgood - Raise It On Down
Helen - Zanzibar (Afro Mix)
Kaoru Inoue - Valley Of Light


In furtherance to the above.

Reverso 68 - Especial (alt link)

Killer guitar and synthwork from Reverso 68.

Georges Vert - Electric Bird (alt link)

Dramatic space disco joy from Georges Vert, taken from one of my favourite compilations of last year - Milky Disco.

And to bring you back to ground with a swoosh then a bang.

Sol & Snow - Diaz (alt link)

A deep and epic melodious house track that just builds and builds.

Photonz - Starting Points (alt link)

Crisp beats that unfurl into organised chaos, a crushing delivery of achingly cool electro house. That's Photonz.


Don Simon said…
Yeah, Milky Disco is amazing! So was Reverso 68, thanks!
Maestro said…
Thanks for your nice blog.
I enjoy most of the albums shared in this blog.

By the way,I have a request.
I have 2 ELECTRONIC tracks and I don't know who are the composers of these Themes.

I think they are composed by French or German musicians.

I want you to listen to them and tell me the name of the composers.

I hope you can help.

Here are the tracks:
Track one:

Track Two:

Alternative Links:

Track one:

Track Two:

Thank you so much.

Best Regards,
Anonymous said…
I love your blog, and this mix was excellent.
Leighton said…
Thanks all! I gave those sound samples a listen Zalman but I could draw no conclusion as to what they were i'm afraid, sorry about that, you may want to try the guys over at The Red Room - their knowledge is excellent. Hope you can get to the bottom of them!

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