Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix) (alt link)

Tensnake - Look To The Sky (alt link)

Techno with an '80s italo twist. Tensnake's older stuff definitely has more of a techno vibe to it whereas his recent remixes and upcoming Keep Believin' EP are very indicative of his adoration for the early '80s disco sound. A winning combination that I think can keep both the technophiles and revivalists happy.

John Daly - Move (alt link)

John Daly's 'Move' is full of heavy toms, eurodisco bassline and arpeggios, all anchored with a strong melody that just wont leave your head. The other track on this 12" is in stark contrast, a drawn out 10 minute affair that wouldn't sound out of place at the end of a 1970's sci-fi flick.


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