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A collision of genius. Johannes Heil & Extrawelt come together for the track Erdbeerfeld. 12 minutes of glorious minimal heaven. The other track on this release features Heil teaming up with Gregor Tresher in pounding fashion.

Next, a killer from Florian Meindl with his track Blast.

An excellent remix from Ricardo Tobar who lays down his distinct sound over Fairmont's I Need Medicine. For the privileged, Tobar is appearing at The End on Saturday as part of a Border Community night. Back to the single of I Need Medicine there is also a remix by Canadian resident of Berlin, Pan/Tone. This guy produces some great multi-genre influenced techno.


Rolls Ross said…
Just stumbled upon your bloh. It looks absolutely wicked. Seriously, I browse through A LOT of blogs and this one stands out especially because of that sweet lay-out.

Awkward Pirates
Rolls Ross said…
that's right.. I said bloh
James said…
Jesus Christ, "Erdbeerfeld" is an incredible track!
Leighton said…
Thanks! Gotta love Extrawelt. The other track on the Johannes Heil release is really growing on me too, a subtle destroyer.
Gabo said…
What happened to the Florian Meindl's track? it only lasts 35 seconds! Great blog. Good vibes from Argentina ;) (I should have written something wrong, sorry :P)

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