pic: Widmest

Mule Musiq is full of the good stuff. The first track 'Tonight' is from last years Mule Disco vinyl and shows just how good German duo Ame are at crafting a track that dreamily weaves it's way into your head. Second up shows their hypnotic ways with the tribalistic looping remix of Koss' track 'Earth', again released on the super Mule.

Mudd & Pollard crack out the Balaeric sound on this beauty that floats along ever so gracefully. It's got pianos, synths, xylophones and swishy synth noises. That is all.

Paul McCartney's post-Beatles act Wings get the edit treatment from Woolfy. On the vinyl released on Mindless Boogie the track is entitled A Pint A Day and is accompanied by two other gems. I fully intend to use 'The Growler' on a future mix.


daniel said…
Thanks for posting these great tracks! I've been on a big Ame kick lately, checking out their Essential Mix, Resident Advisor Mix, and anything else I can get my hands on. Still kicking myself for missing them when they came to SF, though.

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