La Horse

pic: Tiki Goddess

Danton Eeprom and Ivan Smagghe show they have no boundaries when they team up as La Horse. To quote the press release: ' Strange voices, tortured guitars, pumpin' bass, and silly organs are some of the creatures that you'll meet during this spaced-out trip. It's rough, hot and mental, reflecting Smagghe and Eeprom way of seeing music, fee from codes and beyond genres. To make a long story short, be sure it's gonna divide the critics and the audience, so take it or leave it "Cyanide and Happiness" is uncompromisingly unique.' Personally I love it. The other side of this release also sees Eeprom turn the track into a dancefloor friendly beast.

Taken from the Reducks 12" released on Cologne's Areal records. Fairmont is capable of great things, I love it.

Uncompromising bass driven techno from Broombeck. Break out the sirens for the Protect Your Neck vinyl.

Away from techno to gig-related matters. It seems like an eternity since I first heard Midnight Juggernauts (Tombstone was the track). Finally get to see them tomorrow, and I must admit that while my enthusiasm for live bands has faded I am pretty excited for this - midweek gigs in languid market towns for the win! Midnight Jugs have been remixed to death. Recently the excellent Chateau Marmont did one, it was pretty good but their own material (and that Koko von Napoo mix) is much better.

Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy (Chateau Marmont Remix)

Chateau Marmont - Solar Apex (alt link)

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seandonson said…
Solar Apex is the best Jean Michel Jarre song he never did. Thanks!

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