pic: Volume One


A track I remember loving as a kid. Now given the workover by Rune Lindbaek. Thanks to Sci-Fi Pogo for this.

Ensemble Pittoresque were an experimental Dutch synth-pop band who recorded just one album back in 1983. Subsequent re-releases are shrouded in controversy and original vinyl pressing are highly sought after. This track Auratorium reminds me of something TV On The Radio might do. Aceness.

Lo Recordings will release Hatchback's debut album Colors Of The Sun later this month. The San Franciscan producer of cosmic glory has already released the above 2 tracks as singles on THISISNOTANEXIT. Trust me the rest is just as nice.

And to finish a track from a couple of years back by Japanese disco duo Force Of Nature.


Anonymous said…
great shit... LOVING Force of Nature. I'm so in the 80s on Miami Vice doing coke off the dashboard of a powerboat speeding into the sunset in slow motion right now.

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