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Beats for the weekend. Song titles give it away sometimes. An acidic track from Tanner Ross & Kilowatts.

Bangkok Impact is a well loved act around these parts as you may note from previous posts. But now, taking on the name of Kleep, Sami Liuski has ditched his disco tinged beats in favour of some killer minimal techno. With two 12" releases in quick succession on Klang Electronik he shows just how versatile a producer he is. Grab the vinyl from here.

Sticking with the vehicular based track names. This is 240 Interceptor and some ice cold minimal electro taken from the Gothenburg Electro City Compilation 2. Ace.

And to finish a 9 minute medley of three MMM tracks. This is the good stuff.


nathanel said…
hello mate. Is there any chance to reup this stuff ?

I am eager to get that 240 interceptor tune. which I couldnt find anywhere else in the net

my email is: nathanel[at]

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