Typically outstanding work from The Field on this remix of Popnoname's new track Touch, that's taken from his latest LP Surrounded By Weather. A great follow up to last years White Album.

Ost & Kjex seem fuelled by cheese. They put some Scissor Sisters-esque vocals to the Solomun track Federgewicht and the result is actually quite satisfying given how cheesy it is. Then they turn their hand to some killer techno on Foodchild, a track which has been embedding itself in my head at various times over the last few months.

To stray off electronic music for a moment. Proof that seeing a band live can change your opinion of them was had when I saw White Denim on Saturday, having not reckoned that much to them on record I bore witness to a great show. Their drummer is seriously good. Further pleasant surprises were had when it turned out there was a Justice, Busy P etc after party also at Korova too which was pretty wicked in spite of stolen drinks, lack of money, and friends not lasting the distance :( amazing scenes nonetheless. Sad fact: If you think you've got enough money to last the evening, you are wrong.


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