Ryan Davis

pic: Paper Moo

Ryan Davis. Brilliant. Like all your favourite Border Community artists combined into one. You can get Wide Open Spaces here and the Clouds Passing By Remix pack here.

Unrelenting stuff from Control Voltage. Another fine Dissident release.

Polish Film Posters are amazing. Who'd think you could make Crocodile Dundee 2 look like some high brow art house flick? Browse the collection here.


Commodified said…
the posters are great, eh?

they take them off the site when they are sold unfortunatly.. there have been greatones in the past at polishmovieposters.com..

its funny.. the Star Wars ones always had a strange obsession with C-3po and when he was in a star wars poster the price went up $100...
Don Simon said…
Ryan. Brilliant indeed!

And the CD poster was stunning. Partly due to aesthetic qualities, but mainly because of how it, as you mentioned, totally miscommunicated the genre and feel of that movie. Viva Poland.

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