pic: But Does It Float

The great Norwegian disco pioneer that is Rune Lindbaek has a new EP out, it really is an enchanting piece of vintage cosmic synthesis. Get Bonat Synthesiser here. Speaking of cosmic delight there is the latest offering in the RVNG series, Volume 7 comes from the legendary Greg Wilson, get the vinyl here.

One time Oscar nominated Italian composer Riz Ortolani next and the gem of a track Il Corpo Di Linda, whirls, whistles and oscillating synths abound, so good.

And to round off this exceptionally strong post and what's been a great 2008 in general is an absolute stormer from Latvian disco ensemble Downtown Party Network with a track off their debut EP on Eskimo. Then there is what could well be Dissident's release of the year (which says something in itself) it comes from Glaswegian disco thumpers Den Haan, incredibly addictive. Get the vinyl here.

Until next year, yeah.


strong post indeed! impressive blog!
Anonymous said…
"stormer from Latvian disco ensemble" - not Latvian, it's Lithuanian!
E*Rock said…
I've been enjoying this blog, thanks!
Anonymous said…
just keep 'em coming
you guys are great!
Anonymous said…
happy new year y'all. blog goes from strength to strength. all the best for the coming 12 months..
Unknown said…
your blood is red sir.

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