14 December 2008

Influential early '80s italo-disco from the International Music System. These two tracks are taken from their 1984 release. With 2 LP's and a handful of 12s released in 2 years the I.M.S. sounds are still incredibly fresh and sought after. You can grab a re-release from Flexx.

I.M.S. - Dancing Therapy (alt link)

I.M.S. - 405 North (alt link)

Step forward in time 15 years. This is pure disco carnage from Odessa. Taken from the superb Polar Intrusion 12". Written and mastered by Alden Tyrell. Nice.

Odessa - Sketch (alt link)

Cro-Magnon are a Japanese trio making some lovely, laid back, funk infused electronica. I like it a lot.

Cro-Magnon - Beyond The Summer (alt link)

Cro-Magnon - Eclipse (alt link)


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