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At 73 years of age Hans-Joachim Roedelius can certainly be counted as a living legend when it comes to ambient and experimental compositions. His work with Tim Story early on this year on the album Inlandish is a real gem. Member of Cluster and Harmonia, Roedelius here shows his flair is still there when it comes to producing something timeless while Story really brings it all out with his sumptuous electronica overtones that took months of tweaking to perfection. Really quite stunning. Available here.

Pilooski's latest edits on D-I-R-T-Y come in the shape of '80s experimentalist Holger Hiller and a take on Elvis' track Crawfish. Ltd edition vinyl now sold out.

Massive thanks to Beat Electric for this track, just can't get enough of it. 1979 electro-pop produced by the KLF's Bill Drummond.


Anonymous said…
Modernist Neighborhood ! ! ! !


Almost established at the same time (July 2006 vs September 06, One Pic per post, same music line, and still alive !

W E L U V M U S I C !

Massive thanks for the Lori and Chameleon's find. Really rich electro pop.

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