Lexy is Berlin techno producer Alexander Gerlach. Get Down With The Trachtenvogel is his latest release, and along with the murderous Trachtenvogel there's a remix by Metope and a tech-house treat in the track Get Down. Really good stuff.

Mugwump - Ignored Folklore (alt link)

Kompakt goes disco. Mugwump turn out some heavily disco influenced deep techno on the Meditation EP. I'd like to think it works throughout, but i'm really only feeling the high energy of Ignored Folklore so far.

An assuredly dark and heavy track that you've come to expect from Perc. Throbbing bass and a host of weird noises all there set to send you off the edge.

Expect a leaning towards the more easy-listening/ambient side of electronic music in the coming days. And maybe a list of some kind if I can get my brain in gear, i've been really out of sorts lately. ta ra.


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