28 April 2009

Georges Vert - Garden Of Lies (buy)

A prime selection of greasy electronic sleaze beats from Georges Vert backed with remixes from Norwegian Rune Lindbaek and Juan Trippe who coincidentally founded Pan Am airways. Vert's two cuts are exceptional examples of how to write nu-disco with panache and flair, from the tough Linn style drums and spangly synths of 'Eau Savage' to horny French smut vibes on 'Garden Of Lies' only lacking a chain of perfect smoke rings. Aviation legend Juan Trippe died nearly 30 years ago but that hasn't stopped him making a comeback with his slower and darker discoid version of Vert's 'Freak D'Espace', but Rune Lindbaek steals the show with his rmx of 'Jovan Freak', turning in a murky cosmic tripper with smudged analog synths and warmed effects. A lovely partner to the second 'Milky Disco' comp due on Lo very soon! - Boomkat.

Guy J - Shaman (buy)

While Tiga dominates the Turbo headlines with his new LP. Guy J throws out what I count to be one of the labels finest releases to date. The Cari Lekebusch remix has been top of many peoples chart in the last month or so, although I personally prefer the original.

Oliver Huntemann - Rikarda (buy)

You can guarantee quality from whatever Huntemann puts his name to. Rikarda is a dark minimal beast that is sped up for times of extreme dancing by Paul Ritch on the other side.

Martin Eyerer & Robert Babicz - Salsa Roja (buy)

Ahh yes, the horned instrument on a techno track. Quite the in thing these days. This is a good example.

Other ace new sounds to check would be Tony Lionni's Found A Place which is like The Field but more danceable, and the upcoming Mugwump 12" Fears Inc. on Kompakt, both tracks are killers from the duo of Kolombo and Geoffroy.

24 April 2009

Pic: Jenna Russelle

Just two weeks until ATP vs The Fans, although not being blown away by the line-up (or venue) this year I still have high confidence that it'll be more fun than you can shake a stick at. Going down the route of lo-fi noise today. Zola Jesus' LP has been doing all sorts to me of late, truly captivating experimental melodies. Thee Oh Sees track is taken from Volume 8 of The World's Lousy With Ideas and comes up alongside tracks from all the other frontrunners in the scene. And a dose of Eat Skull from their LP Wild And Inside.

Zola Jesus - Sea Talk

Thee Oh Sees - Schwag Rifles

Eat Skull - Stick To The Formula

Patience is required for the following. 25 minutes of cosmic synth drones and delicate guitar lines echoing into the distance.

Expo 70 - Awakening (Side A)

Taken from Bibio's Vignetting The Compost. So, so nice.

Bibio - Dopplerton

Bibio - Top Soil

22 April 2009

Lars Bartkuhn - Goodbye Dancing Hello God (Arto Mwambe Remix) (buy)

The superb production duo of Arto Mwambe have really been on remix form just now. This remix of Lars Bartkuhn for Sonar Kollektiv's Based On Misunderstandings Series is pure beauty. They've also got a very deep interpretation of Osborne's new vocoder driven funk bomb Wait A Minute, available here.

Osborne - The Count (buy)

Phoreski's untitled edits really are something. These two are taken from his Phoreskinz comps and Quiet Please 12"s. Mammoth.

Phoreski - Untitled

Phoreski - Untitled

20 April 2009

pic: Gordon Magnin

Sorry it's been quiet lately. Hopefully back to regular posting now. This is a sample of what i've been liking in the last week or so, predominantly techno and house.

Citizen Kain and Jaumetic - Traffic Jam (buy)

Lee Van Dowski - Variable Man (buy)

Stereociti - Waiting For Your Call (buy)

Stephen Hellm - Space OK (buy)

L Kubic - Voyager (buy)

Cio Dor - La Petit Geisha (buy)

14 April 2009

Pic: Henrik Drescher

Mudd & Ahmed Fakroun - Drago (Brennan Green's Version) (alt link)

Libyan singer songwriter Ahmed Fakroun teams up with Mudd for the latest release on Claremont 56. The vibe is glorious, laid back, warm and welcoming throughout. The remix treatment is spot on, as you would expect from Brennan Green. Get the vinyl here.

The Popular People's Front - Man Love (alt link)

The Popular People's Front new EP is equally as full up on glorious warmth but with more of a leaning towards the discerning discotheque dancefloor. A patchwork of edits all expertly blended and extended for use in a suitably superior environment. Get it here.

Cellophane - Music Colors (Part 3) (alt link)

8 minute vinyl italo b-sides from 1984. Cellophane were an Italian duo with a handful of 12" release in the early 1980s. Recently re-released along with some other bits n bobs, here.

8 April 2009

pic We Are DAG

I don't know where i'm going with this. I've been out cycling in the glorious late afternoon sunshine, stopping off to meander through an abandoned brickworks...an intriguing visceral landscape that I didn't have the nerve to delve deeper into, soundtracked to a decidedly techno playlist.

DJ Hell - The Angst & The Angst Part 2

Butch - Soultan

Paulo Olarte - Siluetas (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

Davis & May - Whisper & Scream

Fog - Jaguar

Fergie, Reset Robot And Alan Fitzpatrick - Gas Mask

Unknown Artist - A1. Untitled (Seldom Felt 4)

Camera phone quality pics here, here and here. In the next installment see if i've got the nerve to break into one of the factory rooms or alternatively head into the woods in search of who knows what! (this probably won't happen).

6 April 2009

pic: Ratinan Thaijaroen

ImiAFan - Epidémia (Sneak-Thief Paranoianoia Mix) (alt link)

ImiAFan - Someone Else (Makina Girgir Remix) (alt link)

Electro from the Slovak Republic. ImiAFan has had a few releases on his own 4mg Records imprint and has been remixed by the likes of Marc Houle. His latest limited edition vinyl release comes with a set of four superb remixes from the sublime dark sounds of Sneak Thief to the Italo infused synth-pop of Keen K. Grab the vinyl here.

Pitto - Feelin' (alt link)

Repetition is good. Pitto goes to work for 10 minutes with a Phil Collins' sample, one of those tracks you lose yourself in. Released on Joris Voorn's Rejected label. Voorn himself has recently released an amazing mix for the Balance series. Essential.

5 April 2009

pic: Tony Bevilacqua

Fedaden - Verdad (alt link)

Osborne - Hydragilm Exit (alt link)

Debruit - Re New Deal (alt link)

Beard Science - Dancing Knights (45b Edit) (alt link)

Feist - Feisty (alt link)