A prime selection of greasy electronic sleaze beats from Georges Vert backed with remixes from Norwegian Rune Lindbaek and Juan Trippe who coincidentally founded Pan Am airways. Vert's two cuts are exceptional examples of how to write nu-disco with panache and flair, from the tough Linn style drums and spangly synths of 'Eau Savage' to horny French smut vibes on 'Garden Of Lies' only lacking a chain of perfect smoke rings. Aviation legend Juan Trippe died nearly 30 years ago but that hasn't stopped him making a comeback with his slower and darker discoid version of Vert's 'Freak D'Espace', but Rune Lindbaek steals the show with his rmx of 'Jovan Freak', turning in a murky cosmic tripper with smudged analog synths and warmed effects. A lovely partner to the second 'Milky Disco' comp due on Lo very soon! - Boomkat.

While Tiga dominates the Turbo headlines with his new LP. Guy J throws out what I count to be one of the labels finest releases to date. The Cari Lekebusch remix has been top of many peoples chart in the last month or so, although I personally prefer the original.

You can guarantee quality from whatever Huntemann puts his name to. Rikarda is a dark minimal beast that is sped up for times of extreme dancing by Paul Ritch on the other side.

Ahh yes, the horned instrument on a techno track. Quite the in thing these days. This is a good example.

Other ace new sounds to check would be Tony Lionni's Found A Place which is like The Field but more danceable, and the upcoming Mugwump 12" Fears Inc. on Kompakt, both tracks are killers from the duo of Kolombo and Geoffroy.


Stinky Jim said…
top ranking post with certifiably supersonic tunes as always, thanks, you have my RSS feed positively grinning. is there any chance of you wanging up the rune lindbaek remix you wax lyrical about? chances are im going to end up tracking down the 12 and buying it, but it sure would be nice to have something to listen to while i wait for that to be possible.
Dom Terrace said…
Salsa Roja - it really makes it with the horns.
Don Simon said…
We've spent this last weekend listening to Ricarda on repeat. Dear lord, it's sick!
lee burridge deserves to do a fabric cd said…
really like the georges vert stuff
specially eau savage
Anonymous said…
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