pic: Gordon Magnin

Sorry it's been quiet lately. Hopefully back to regular posting now. This is a sample of what i've been liking in the last week or so, predominantly techno and house.


jp3k said…
"variable man" uses a sample from the batman: dark knight score (why so serious?). very nice employment but doesn't top the original --on first listen anyway.
joakimR said…
a fine selection. cio dor, love it.
daniel said…
Don't be sorry! I'm such a slacker it's hard for me to keep up with all the great stuff you already posted this year. Every time I hear a tight new song in my library, and I'm not sure where it's from, I can be pretty sure I found it here.
Dom Terrace said…
That L Kubic track is really something.
Don Simon said…
L Kubic: five out of five stars!
Anonymous said…
L Kubic - Voyager (buy)


Thank you


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