29 June 2009

Pic: Neil FreemanLink

Rove Dogs - Miss Boogie (buy)

Top new 12" out on Mindless Boogie from Rove Dogs. Superbly fashioned edits.

Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Serge Santiago Maxi Edit)

Originally released in 1992 Mismoplastico saw a re-release on Arcobaleno last year with this thunderous edit from Serge Santiago,really powerful stuff. Santiago is creating a bit of a buzz right now as anticipation builds for his work alongside Tom Neville as Retro/Grade. Moda has been tantalising people for quite sometime now, without a definite release date confirmed. Check the video out below though, is good.

T Tauri - Ark Raiders (buy)

Taken from Beard Science vol 1. Dreamy space disco edit.

Kaoru Inoue - Esc (buy)

Out on Endless Flight featuring some remix wizardry from John Daly. These are the summer jams.

26 June 2009

Pic: Jason Merenda

Auto Repeat - Needle Damage

From 1994 this is just so fresh.

Marc Romboy vs Gui Boratto - Eurasia (Marc's Mix)

Marc Romboy vs Blake Baxter - House Ya

A couple of Marc Romboy collabs from a few years back, House Ya was produced by Stephan Bodzin and i'm pretty certain has a Blondie sample throughout. The track with Gui Boratto goes all kinds of awesome a few minutes in, euphoric stuff.

Alex Costa - Fortuna (buy)

Bringing things upto date is this Alex Costa track, can't get enough of it.

24 June 2009


Pic: Justin Blyth

Terrible Eagle - Say Yes (buy)

Terrible Eagle - Moneyshot (buy)

You only need to take a look at Terrible Eagle to work out that their oeuvre is one presided over by scuzzy electro-rock, and sure enough, Blackwater is a sickly inundation of filthy synths, broken beatboxes and unintelligible vocals. In a strange, yet timely sort of way these songs make for an electronic equivalent of what Wavves, Blank Dogs et al are up to in the field of garage rock - shaping noisy texture into heavily disguised pop vignettes. Boomkat.

Basic Soul Unit - The Stand (buy)

Flamboyant, squeaky synths lead the way on this track by Basic Soul Unit, add to that some excellent disco samples and you're onto a dancefloor winner.

Smith n Hack - For Disco Play Only

Smith n Hack - Ultra-Range Sound Process

Couple of ace experimental disco jams from Smith n Hack's 2002 effort, Tribute.

Mauno Kalevi - Supercry (buy)

Superb slow burner by Mauno Kalevi taken from Vol.2 of the You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache series.

21 June 2009

pic: Something Secret via Way Shape Form

Rico The Wizard - Spell Of Love (buy)

French filter house from Rico The Wizard out on the new Darling Records. A label that has high hopes, with Rico The Wizard having worked alongside Guy Daft Punk in Le Knight Club and at the now legendary Crydamoure label, his offering up the Spell Of Love release complete with DJ Sneak remix is certainly a fine start, and with a future release in the pipeline from Romain Tranchart, the guy who co-produced Lady by Modjo, the future could be looking up for French house.

Petar Dundov - Sparkling Stars (buy)

Petar Dundov - Oasis (Gavin Russom Remix) (buy)

Petar Dundov - Oasis

Petar Dundov's productions certainly do mesmerise me, epic use of progress through repetition. Gavin Russom's mix here strips it down and gives it the DFA treatment. Nice.

Mat Playford - Analogue Tear (buy)

Wasn't really aware of Mat Playford until I heard his track Analogue Tear on a super mix done by the guys over at Polaroid Club. Great sounding stuff out on Paul Woolford's Intimacy label.

12 June 2009

pic: Gregory Euclide

Reade Truth - Another Dilemma (buy)

Reade Truth - Frequency Sexxx (buy)

Out on Carl Craig's Planet E label is the superb Crimen Excepta EP from Vienna based NY producer Reade Truth. I's a fantastic hybrid of deep groovy electronic rhythms and moody detroit-eque vibes from and for the underground.

Mock & Toof - Radio (buy)

The b-side off Mock & Toof's superb Smit Smot 12". Love it so much.

Spacelex - Pretty Face (buy) (myspace)


10 June 2009

pic Immense Journey

Sorry for no updates in a while, took a spontaneous trip to Berlin.

Nicone - Abayomi (buy)

Nicone is the duo of Lexy and Hirtenfellner. If you like tribal chants in your techno, then this is a yes for you. Excellent stuff from Oliver Koletzki's Stil Vor Talent label.

Daniel Steinberg - Keep On Movin (Roman Fluegel Remix) (buy)

Wonderful to hear some new remix work from Roman Fluegel. This remix of Daniel Steinberg is nice nice.

Here's a mix I did for Diesel U Music, I don't really know if it got played 'cos I was away. But anyway, something on there might take your fancy.


1. Clap Rules - Braxx
2. Mugwump - Nothing Without You
3. Sugardaddy - Stripped To The Bone
4. Rat Salad - Cannibalized
5. Neon - Skydiver
6. Dharma - Plastic Doll
7. Rooster P Incognito - Swing Ratio
8. Nancy Fortune - Walking
9. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Freddy
10. Dorothy's Fortress - Silencer
11. Vegard Wolf Dyvik - All My Friends Are Awesome
12. Osborne - Bout Ready To Jak
13. Cabin Fever - Don't You Know?
14. Dustin Zahn - Stranger To Stability
15. Rico Casazza - Compression
16. Rene Breitbarth - Loco Motive
17. French Teen Idol - Departure

55mins - 82mb

An oldie to finish. Frederic Mercier had an LP entitled Pacific out in 1978. It's just seen a partial re-release on Mellophonia. What is it? Analog synth laden joy.

Frederic Mercier - Station 713 (buy)

Frederic Mercier - Pacific