pic: Art BBQ

Perennial collaborator Chopstick this time teaming up with Till Von Sein for the delightfully deep and oh so catchy minimal track Come On (Hey Girl).

Super minimal stuff evocative of Huntemann, produced by Marc DePulse, his Peter & Jane EP also features a remix from the label Minus' Brazilian duo Click Box, who on their own productions have really been impressing... kind of like a less harsh Marc Houle.

I won't lie, I got this act confused with the abhorrent chart topper at first. But Cascandy's follow up 12" is a super slice minimal tech/house. The chopped and looped vocals work so well.

Right, i'm off to Pukkelpop, I shall leave you with a slice of funk in the shape of Watch Tv & The Lovemonk All Stars, can't decide if I love or hate the name but the sound is great. Toodles.


@siibo said…
The Chopstick track is awesome. Awesome, I tell you.

Rude not to have mentioned before just how much I've got from your blog, tunes and images.

But The Chopstick has been on constant repeat for the last two days (only just got round to listening). Splendid.

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