Absolutely loving this track out on the FrequeNC label, it dates back to 2005 and is taken from the La Resistance C'est Homegrown 12". It's a lo-fi/experimental house track that samples Talking Heads track Listening Wind... love Byrne's vocals work so much.

Heavens & Angels by Chicago Skyway is a super deep house track out on Dutch label M>O>S Recordings, a label that's also released stuff by Legowelt and personal fave Morphosis. Remix work comes from label founder Aroy Dee who busts out the acid. Tops.

How someone can release so much music is beyond me. Kaliber is another recording alias of John Dahlback and this is his 21st release as Kaliber in just 3 years. Add that to all his other work and well, it's just a bit ridiculous. Kaliber 21 is a fine example of how to produce deep and involving minimal tech-house.

I've also been collecting John Dahlback's work with his cousin Jesper as Hugg & Pepp, there's like a stupid amount of that too. Sweet Rosie is just out and it's amazing, but here's a couple of their older tracks.

Hugg & Pepp - Janne

Hugg & Pepp - Hund

Hugg & Pepp - Tratt

And for something totally different to finish, this is in my Top 5 favourite covers.


clstrfcuk said…
try rekorder too

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