Release The Hounds

One of my favourite and most fun tracks of the month. A fist pumping rock anthem from Dutch italo-disco master, Alden Tyrell.

A release that was always sure to benefit with The Revenge being on side for a remix, Zepp 001's Don't Sleep, out on Delusions Of Grandeur. Brooding, bass heavy minimal disco with some really amazing strings.

Having been addicted to their 'It's In The Rhythm' track from the other month, I was sure to check out Jonny Rock & Luke Solomon's other stuff. Really impressive.

The Impatient Man is such a lovely tune, slow mo cosmic stuff with whimsical vocodered vocals.

I will post some heavier sounds soon.



ivo said…
amazing how much inspiration i find in your posts, for sometime now.

by far the best music selection out there. goes for the graphics too.

Cosmonaut said…
I losted all the music and happy that this archive still works !

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