Deep Detroit influenced techno from young German producer Break SL, taken from his City Wasteland album Trombone is a dark affair with it's droney intro offset with some wonderful string arpeggios and tribal twinkles.

Sure to be eclipsed over time by Perlon's next release, Shackleton's Three EP's, Dutch producer San Proper nonetheless shows us where it's at with his debut for the German label. House music at its primal finest!

Juju & Jordash - African Flower (A Tribute To The Duke) (buy)

A masterpiece of wrong funked and technicoloured deep house. Something really quite special from Juju & Jordash.

Tom Trago - Brothers Of String (Yuro Trago Remix) (buy)

Taken from the Tom Trago - Voyage Direct remixes, this one by Yuro Trago is the winner for me, although they are all super.


Adjvstment said…
Hey Leighton!
Your taste in art is as fine a taste as your taste in music. I'm absolutely adoring these illustrations. Thanks for sharing.

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