pic: Andreas Banderas

I've really been getting into Hunee's productions of late, the Berlin based Korean has been quick to impress and after only a trio of releases he is already earning a reputation as an emerging talent to watch. Took My Love is taken off the fantastic Drumpoems Verse 2 compilation. And Hunee's latest release Barrio Payment is out on Quarion's vinyl only Retreat label... which released this by Session Victim just a while back. Get the vinyl here.

Next up some relentlessly heavy techno from Mike Dehnert, taken from his Poutres EP which shows off some lighter dub techno along with this, the weighty WH2.


Luke said…
Hunee is also an amazing DJ! I saw him a couple times in Berlin. Great record selection.
William Risky Bizniz said…
wow memory lane is amazing!

daniel said…
Yes! Love the sample that "Memory Lane" uses of the infamous James Brown interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tfNhL_R_rI

And I just want to commend this blog again for consistently being one of the best out there. I always look forward to the new posts on here. Thanks!
Leighton said…
Would love to see a Hunee DJ set, also heard great things!

Agreed, Memory Lane is brilliant, sorry I could only post a lower-quality sample, but is definitely a track that needs to be heard by more than just a handful of vinyl owners.

That interview is incredible! Kinda makes me feel better about getting totally drunk and embarrassing myself..

Thanks for the nice comments.

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