30 December 2009

Pic: Alex Passapera

Kitkaliitto - Swamp (buy)

Kitkaliitto are a Finnish trio making some really lush deep and experimental, sample laden house music. Swamp actually reminds me a little of Isolee.

Dreesvn - Tall Stories (remixed & reproduced by Rasslebande) (buy)

I could use one of a number of records to highlight the prevailing sound in Techno in 2009. This edges it. So good.

Eddie C - Hold On (buy)

Eddie C
with some slow funk on 7 Inches Of Love, the superb disco edits label started up by The Mole. For The Lost by The Mole also ranks right up near the top in my favourite tracks of 2009, for sure.

Oto Gelb - Air On A G-String (J.S. Bach) (buy)

Oto Gelb aka Daniel Wang with an edit of Symphonic 2000's wonderful take on Bach's Air.

I've also been raiding the archives and uncovered a few gems mainly from the New Wave Complex mixes. Enjoy

Metro Pakt - Neue Straßen

Nasmak - Silhouette

Hermann Kopp - Mondo Zombie

Greg Vandike - Clone

Moebius Plank Neumeier - Speed Display

Yukihiro Takahashi - Extra-Ordinary

Nova - Terra

To 2010!x

22 December 2009

pic: Tuhru

Late to the game as ever. I've got myself a Soundcloud account and have uploaded a newly made mix for all to hear. Stream, download, enjoy... perhaps.

Keytars & Violins - December 2009 Mix

Mondkopf certainly struck a chord with many people this year with his superb Galaxy Of Nowhere LP. Libera Me is the latest single off the album, and particularly impressive is Gohan's remix. Icy cold, sci-fi soundtrack material. Top notch.

Mondkopf - Libera Me (Destin Tragique Remix By Gohan)

Going back to Soundcloud, Gohan has also put together this quite sublime mix for Des Chibres et des Lettres. You only need look at the tracklist to know it brings something different and special to the table.

Gohan mix #14 | Spécial DCDL X — Hérésie by Marz666

1. Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Reincarnation
2. Oni Ayhun - OAR002 (edit)
3. György Ligeti - Lux Aeterna
4. The Machine - Fuse (Dixon Remix)
5. Various Artists - Lai-Lai (from "Voyage En U.R.S.S., Vol. 5")
6. Emad Parandian - Kamanche (Original Mix)
7. Various Artists - AiDJemal (from "Voyage En U.R.S.S., Vol. 5")
8. Fanta - Rebetiko
9. Luciano - Conspirer
10. Onur Özer - Allegro Energico (edit)
11. Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Agba'a
12. Oni Ayhun - OAR001-A (edit)
13. Miles Davis - Early Minor
14. Italoboyz - L'Anagramme
15. Redshape - Seduce Me
16. Luciano - Celestial (edit)
17. Luigi Nono - Liebeslied
18. Roland Bocquet - Exotique (edit)
19. Alessandro Striggio - Ecce Beatam Lucem (Paul van Nevel & Huelgas Ensemble)
20. Susumu Yokota - Gekkoh (edit)
21. Toru Takemitsu - Air (by Patrick Gallois)
22. Greg Baba - Sadow (with Sami Altindag and Bernard Rubio)
23. The Radioactive Man - Goodnight Morton

18 December 2009

pic: Oliver Daxenbichler

Acid Pauli - Nymbiotic

Acid Pauli, perhaps known better as Console or part of The Notwist makes the best of electronic music, and ever on the cutting edge he has been making use of this wicked new tool, RJDJ. What is RJDJ? It's described as an iPhone music app that transforms ambient noises into ear-bending soundscapes. The clattering of keyboards, the rumble of buses, even the ins and outs of your breath are multiplied, pitch-shifted, looped, and twisted on the fly into an aural mosaic. It’s like taking a leisurely walk inside Brian Eno’s brain. Nymbiotic by Acid Pauli is gorgeous minimal techno in it's own right, but using the Symbiotic RJDJ scene you could turn it into something totally different time and time again... int' technology great.

Pirahnahead - Mirror Muse Internal Inspiration (buy)

Pirahnahead - Disconnected Dissed Connection (buy)

Totally slept on the NGTVNRG EP from Pirahnahead. Upbeat house killers, both these tracks highlight his ability to mix it up and still be amazing.

Roland Appel - Cold Blooded

Had been a while since last hearing anything by Roland Appel before checking his Snow In Spring Time EP on AUS music. What a corking release, the title track is mega camp but in a good way and even sees a remix by the most excellent Runaway who strip it back and lay it low.

Cheap & Deep - Words, Breaths & Pauses (TR-808 Doom Disco Dub) (buy)

And, if this was the last track I post this year (it might not be)......then it'd be a pretty epic way to end it....

9 December 2009

Pic: Pole Of Inaccessibility

Two of Kompakt's time served Pop Ambient contributors have just come up with new LP's. Beautiful they are. Klimek's Movies Is Magic is the film score to a film that will never exist. While Markus Guentner's Doppelgaenger tackles ambient drone in the most inspiring of ways. Both essential ambient pieces.

Klimek - Tears Of Happiness (buy)

Markus Guentner - Dreiglanz (buy)

Increasing the intensity just a little, and adding a cheeky dose of dream pop we come to the new single from Faux Pas. Otherworldly, captivating, gorgeous. You can get the single complete with remixes from over here.

Faux Pas - Silver Line (buy)

Sticking in dream mode we go to Kadebostan in the sensational new Vodka Wedding EP out on Freud Am Tanzen. Exquisite.

Kadebostan - Love In Looxor (buy)

At 3mins 45 this becomes far and away the best Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts track i've heard.

Guillame & The Coutu Dumonts - The Pussy Shepherd (buy)

Back soon, heading off to ATP.

4 December 2009

Pic: Magic Sweater

Johannes Volk - Heat Haze (buy)

Don't Stop is an exciting new label recently started up in Germany. The first release is a sensational 12" featuring two totally contrasting yet equally brilliant tracks. Johannes Volk sends us on a mesmeric journey with Heat Haze and Mirko Hecktor releases a funk laden house jam. Sure to be well received everywhere. 300 vinyls and digital.

Ichisan & Nakova - Povratak Otpisanih (buy)

Ichisan & Nakova - Rob Vesolja (buy)

Somehow missed this beauty from last summer. Directly from the Slovenian crime scene here come Ichisan & Nakova with guns, bodies of evidence, badges and .... lot of funk! Anthemic nu-disco out on Pizzico Records. Cracking!

Shimmy Sham Sham - A-side (buy)

This is an anonymous party track that has apparently been around for about 3 years before getting a white label release this summer. The a-side is a killer rework of a Fela Kuti track, not to be missed!