Acid Pauli, perhaps known better as Console or part of The Notwist makes the best of electronic music, and ever on the cutting edge he has been making use of this wicked new tool, RJDJ. What is RJDJ? It's described as an iPhone music app that transforms ambient noises into ear-bending soundscapes. The clattering of keyboards, the rumble of buses, even the ins and outs of your breath are multiplied, pitch-shifted, looped, and twisted on the fly into an aural mosaic. It’s like taking a leisurely walk inside Brian Eno’s brain. Nymbiotic by Acid Pauli is gorgeous minimal techno in it's own right, but using the Symbiotic RJDJ scene you could turn it into something totally different time and time again... int' technology great.

Totally slept on the NGTVNRG EP from Pirahnahead. Upbeat house killers, both these tracks highlight his ability to mix it up and still be amazing.

Had been a while since last hearing anything by Roland Appel before checking his Snow In Spring Time EP on AUS music. What a corking release, the title track is mega camp but in a good way and even sees a remix by the most excellent Runaway who strip it back and lay it low.

And, if this was the last track I post this year (it might not be)......then it'd be a pretty epic way to end it....


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