This is taken off Rising Sun's fantastic debut 12" Sun Dance. Deep minimal house music, complemented superbly by a gorgeous remix wrapped in cotton wool from Sven Weisemann.

2009 saw the emergence of Cottam, an artist who I am very keen to hear more of this year. Hailing from Preston he'd been soaking up electronic music for years in various forms before finally coming up with his own winning formula, his three EP's to date have all been received superbly, offering a sumptuous deep house sound that often samples and re-works old soul, funk and r'n'b tracks. Fans of Soul Clap, take note.

This is a 30 minute mix that I have done for the guys at The Joint and their weekly radio show. Cheers guys!

Servi - Laistrygonen
Abraham - Magpie
Mark E - Codsall Juniors
Paskal - Sweet Settings
John Talabot - Naomi
Comtron - C64 Carat (Tom Trago Remix)
Idioma - Landscapes (Tim Paris Remix)
Geheimtipp - Geheimtipp 3 Side A
Ron Geesin - Mominous
John Daly - Juno Skies


Hmm, I guess Sweet Settings by Paskal was one of the most slept on tracks of last year. So, so beautiful. Paskal also features on Etoka's celebratory 20th release. Lot's of nice minimal through to deep house on there.


Jade Leonard said…
This is great! I am an independent singer songwriter and I learn a lot from reading blogs like this - thanks so much for sharing.
David said…
sweet settings is beautiful.
hella simple said…
I'm loving your mix. Real concise and to the point, but everything you need. Seriously I can dig it. Keep it solid my friend.
Zavala said…
hey....loving cottam's work??? do you have any twitter or myspace profile of cottam?? thanx..!!!
incognico said…
Always the Best.

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