A Blaze Colour

pic: Mike Mills

A Blaze Colour are regarded by some as one of the best minimal synth-wave bands there was. These two tracks made up a 7" released back in 1982. Then there is this glorious video of the Belgian duo from way back.

Post romantic daze.

From editing a Happy Mondays remix to working an early 2000s RnB pearl into a balearic dancefloor burner, Tribute Music is doing it right. Also well worth checking out Baris K and friends' site, Saturn Musik for a lesson in Turkish Anadolu-pop and things Avant from Turkey's hidden musical past, there's loads of far out mixes on there.


daniel said…
I'm loving "We Love Leon" - in a 'blogosphere' filled with voluminous posting of dubious quality, it's great to see sites like this that manage to keep the bar high. I really hope Google doesn't step up the attacks on the mp3 blogs but I'm guessing you all manage to fly low under the radar with the type of stuff you are posting. Anyway, thanks!

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