pic: Simon Wald-Lasowski

Best Works Pt 1 by the absurdly talented Touane sneaked in there right at the end of last year and totally blew me away with the sheer quality and variety of his production. He's soon to follow up with Best Works Pt 2 on Lefthanded which includes what he says is his most complicated piece of music produced so far.

Taken from the superb Subway To Cologne EP is this by C.B.Funk. Downtempo

Here's a couple of older tech-house gems that popped up on the iPod.


brian said…
thanks for turning me on to sascha braemer! i've never heard such an amazingly consistent artist.

and this blog is amazing! been hanging around others, picking up a track or two here and there, but you're delivering 3-4 with every post. simply brilliant!

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