Tropical Soundclash

Pic: via Justin Bland

Heavy Afro Latin Sounds! Sofrito Specials is the label for Tropical Discotheque lovers. Their releases serve up the very finest in obscure Afro dance, mostly with a latin feel. These edits are seriously exciting and ridiculously funky. You can also pick up their latest release Tropical Soundclash here. So good.

Dropping onto things a little more modern. Ripperton has finally released a much awaited LP entitled Niwa on Joris Voorn's Green sublabel. Techno LP's are notoriously hit and miss, but the very fact it features a track very close to my heart is enough to endear it to me, and... as you might expect the rest of the material on Niwa seems to stand up just as well.

2009 still delivering. I just uncovered a couple more gems. Sygaire is one sixth of Jazzanova, his Mono:Poly ep from last June on Room With A View is really quite brill.


Anonymous said…
The Mono:Poly EP is pejhy!
Kid Who said…
I second that. Sygaire tracks are huge!
Fernando said…
The Sygaire tracks are outstanding!
nicko [rt] said…
woh! that ripperton joint is stellar. another track that should be grindin chart material but will not be.
[uzine] said…
hi love yer blog to bits so took the first opportunity to give it a mention here:

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