28 April 2010

Pic: Antique Book Covers

Old school vibes.

Snuff Crew - Control (buy)

Modern jacking acid house from the Snuff Crew collective.

Moodymann - Dem Young Sconies (buy)

Seeing a re-issue this is Moodymann's 1997 track Dem Young Sconies. Tense Detroit sounds. So good.

Humano - Life (buy)

The legendary Music Man continues to put out quality with this killer piece of old school techno courtesy of Spanish producer Humano. Progressive and acidic.

22 April 2010

Pic: Friends of Type

Not an everyday occurrence around here, an exclusive guest mix. It comes courtesy of Liverpool based DJ James Rand who continues his Rabenmutter series for us here. Gorge yourselves on this feast of electronic goodness, there are bits of minimal, bits of house and lots of techno strung together into a seamless treat. Stream it on Soundcloud or download using the link below.

Keytars & Violins / Rabenmutter 5 by James Rand

00:00 - Few Nolder - Pillow [Planet Mu]

03:55 - Vector Lovers - Microtron (Alex Smoke's Micro Tron Gate Remix) [Soma]

07:30 - Bodycode - Immune [Spectral Sound]

12:40 - Robag Wruhme - 48° 52' N, 2° 21' O [Circus Company]

15:30 - Ark - E-Cone [Circus Company]

17:45 - Osborne - Wait a Minute (Arto Mwambé Remix) [Spectral Sound]

22:42 - Nikola Gala - The Pump [Rekids]

26:30 - TJ Kong - What This Music's Done To Me (Nuno Dos Santos Remix) [Compost]

31:00 - Mike Monday - Grace (Justin Martin Mix) [Dirtybird]

34:43 - Pascal FEOS - Makina [Level Non Zero]

39:05 - Jacek Sienkiewicz - Time Start Now (Pier Bucci Remix) [Recognition]

44:30 - The Black Dog - Skinclock (Silicone Soul Remix) [Soma]

49:50 - Remote - Sam [Litchen]

53:45 - Adam Sander - Blue Sheers (Digital Report Remix) [Aspekt]

55:55 - Tim Berner - Covert Action [Resopal Schallware]

58:40 - James Harcourt - Unpleasant Surprise (Popof Remix) [Form]

62:40 - Phil Kieran - Never Ending Mountain (Egbert Remix) [Cocoon]

68:25 - Andreas Henneberg - Waters (Pierce Remix) [Piemont]

73:00 - Circlesquare - Hey You Guys (Audiofetish Remix) [!K7]



Robag Wruhme - Colby Nekk (buy)

Robag Wruhme is something of a master. Colby Nekk is stripped back, experimental techno brilliance.

Shane Berry - On The Other Hand (buy)

Shane Berry put together Just, Whatever, Be With Me EP for a label I have a soft spot right now, the wonderful Greta Cottage Workshop. Berry's work is melodic minimal at it's very best. But the label also has deeper leanings with previously released work by Nicolas Jaar and new work from Michael J Collins amongst others imminent. Recommended.

Nicolas Jaar - Love Teacher (buy)

19 April 2010

Pic: Parris Wakefield

Zachary - Richie Lion (buy)

Zachary is a resident at the Robert Johnson and he was new blood for the ever impressive Brontosaurus label with his In Control EP last year. As a label with a definite sound aesthetic, Zachary certainly fits in well alongside the likes of Arto Mwambe and The Exile Missile. Richie Lion is a crafty throbbing house edit of the first few seconds of Lionel Richie's All Night Long.

The Exile Missile - Sidewinder (buy)

Sticking to edits with attitude, here is a track from a Moxie release that samples one of Cerrone's soundtracks from 1978. I like this, it's pretty raw and sleazy.

Unknown Artist - Transfigured & Tormented (buy)

16 April 2010

Pic: Local Distance

Juju & Jordash - Dirty Spikes (buy)

Juju & Jordash - Deep Blue Meanies (buy)

Taken from Juju & Jordash's self-titled LP of last year. The LP really highlights J&J's broad range of influence from Detroit to jazz. It's a winner for sure and has drawn a following from a wide scope of dj's. They will be playing at what in my opinion is one of the best UK festival line-ups of it's kind this summer, that is Freerotation. Also playing will be Tom Demac who put out this monster on Liebe*Detail as a split with producer of the moment Kink's oh so beautiful Bitter Sweet.

Tom Demac - Draw Me In (buy)

Tsk, Iceland. This is an excerpt from a documentary about Huldufolk, a little known piece of Icelandic folklore.

13 April 2010

by blogdigger

This is a mix I have done for Blog Digger in Paris. Myself, Redhotcar of Fluokids, and Palms Out Sounds shall be playing some music and that on Saturday May 1st at Le Scopitone Club. Maybe see you Parisians there :)

Scrivin - Phenomena
Mark du Mosch - First Flight
Kasper Bjorke - Lost Signal
Pional - In Another Room
Jay Shepheard - Add Arp
FCL - More Than Seven
Jimspter - Seventh Wave (Dirt Crew Rework)
Iron Curtis - Grossreuth 1
Jayson Brothers - The Game
Milton Jackson - Breathe
Andre Lodemann - Dark Edge (Dairmount and Berardi Dub)
Kink - Existence
Clement Meyer - Midnight Madness
Joel Alter - Ride With Me
Yantra - 360 (Flutter Mix)
Joy Division - A Means To An End

More sounds.

Michael Forzza - Tok Tok

Belgian producer Michael Forzza really delivers with Abstractor Part 3. Punishing dark minimal techno. Great stuff. Out on Perimiter Records.

Ogris Debris - Raid The Itch (buy)

Ogris Debris are an Austrian duo with a penchant for twisted tech house. I guess their style kind of reminds me a bit of Ost & Kjex but maybe that's the obvious comparison to draw. It's good stuff nonetheless. Salty Womb is their latest output and this track is previous to that taken from the Compost Black Label series.

Joe Clausell - Betrayed (buy)

Taken from Clausell's Unchained Rhythums, 2cd's of world music inspired deep house rhythms. Ideal for the spring.

Cluster - Hollywood

To finish, some vintage electronic krautrock from the masters, Cluster.

7 April 2010

pic: J Zachary

Vril - V1 (buy)

Vril - V2 (buy)

Little known about this superb vinyl release on Giegling. Chord heavy, driving dub techno that doesn't drag out too long, we've become used to listening to epic length dub techno. These 4 tracks range from 2-5mins and all work marvellously well. Traditional techno with a very fresh twist.

Future Beat Alliance - Relentless (buy)

Relentless is just what this is. It may not go anywhere, but it's good at going nowhere. Deep spacey techno from Future Beat Alliance.

Markus Enochson & The Subliminal Kid - 6 12am 6 24am

A precursor to The Subliminal Kid's sublime work with Van Rivers is this with Markus Enochson from 2008. Just great techno.

1 April 2010

pic: Beggar's Bash

Smooth tech house and a hint of acid up today.

DXR - Wonka (buy)

Big fan of DXR, you might have heard his remix for Alton Miller on here previously. This track is off his Klakson label that he co-runs with Steffi.

Cascandy - Flip (buy)

You may also have heard something by Cascandy in these parts before. This mysterious poultry loving artist has just released their fifth release with a sixth soon to follow. This here is the soothing tech-house b-side of number 4.

The VSQ - This Is Not The Last Song (buy)

New on Kalk Pets is Thisisthat by The VSQ. Hypnotic tech-house crafted with delightful pop precision. Efdemin also serves up a 9minute flute laden remix that is certainly the one for the dancefloor. Really nice.

Mark Archer - 21-41 (buy)

Taken from the superb Balkan Vinyl series Red is this from Mark Archer. Head over to Balkan Vinyl to see what they are about, it's really cool with some top looking releases still to come on their Colours Series, excited for Plaid, Secondo and Marco Passarani (half of Tiger & Woods).