pic: Beggar's Bash

Smooth tech house and a hint of acid up today.

DXR - Wonka (buy)

Big fan of DXR, you might have heard his remix for Alton Miller on here previously. This track is off his Klakson label that he co-runs with Steffi.

You may also have heard something by Cascandy in these parts before. This mysterious poultry loving artist has just released their fifth release with a sixth soon to follow. This here is the soothing tech-house b-side of number 4.

The VSQ - This Is Not The Last Song (buy)

New on Kalk Pets is Thisisthat by The VSQ. Hypnotic tech-house crafted with delightful pop precision. Efdemin also serves up a 9minute flute laden remix that is certainly the one for the dancefloor. Really nice.

Taken from the superb Balkan Vinyl series Red is this from Mark Archer. Head over to Balkan Vinyl to see what they are about, it's really cool with some top looking releases still to come on their Colours Series, excited for Plaid, Secondo and Marco Passarani (half of Tiger & Woods).


andrĂ© said…
Outstanding Post!
And that's saying something, cos I've been coming here for years and it's the first time I've commented..
...Loving your work!
Leighton said…
Thanks! :)
Aurimas said…
Cascandy - flip ! OMG! Thank you very much !

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