Juju & Jordash

Pic: Local Distance

Taken from Juju & Jordash's self-titled LP of last year. The LP really highlights J&J's broad range of influence from Detroit to jazz. It's a winner for sure and has drawn a following from a wide scope of dj's. They will be playing at what in my opinion is one of the best UK festival line-ups of it's kind this summer, that is Freerotation. Also playing will be Tom Demac who put out this monster on Liebe*Detail as a split with producer of the moment Kink's oh so beautiful Bitter Sweet.

Tsk, Iceland. This is an excerpt from a documentary about Huldufolk, a little known piece of Icelandic folklore.


Unknown said…
That Juju!

amazing update, thanks!
James Rand said…
Strange little video.

What is the name of the track on it at 6min 40? I'm sure it's on The Life Aquatic as well.
Leighton said…
Glad you dig! Be sure to check out J&J's split with Keith Worthy from the other year 'Subterranean Episodes'

Great soundtrack on The Life Aquatic, that track is 'Staralfur' by Sigur Ros.

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